Million Trees Project

Peel MOTT’s Million Trees Program provides direction and guidance to local schools in introducing and running ‘hands on’ participation in the growing and nurturing of native species in their school shade houses.

Where they plant is chosen by the classes taking part and is usually linked to their school curriculum. That can range from sand dunes, local wetlands, bush areas, school grounds or our latest venture of Bush Tucker Gardens. The important factor is that children develop an awareness and sense of environmental responsibility that hopefully will carry through to their adult life.

The role of material assistance provided by Men of the Trees is to supply a table and reticulation for the school shade house; the appropriate seedlings for their project and the supply of pots and racks together with volunteers to work with the children showing them how to fill pots with soil, prick out seedlings and how to maintain them. Our volunteers monitor the schools monthly followed by assistance at planting time.

If you are interested in joining this program or need further information, please contact Chris Lampard,, 0479 137 468

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